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A launcher with a practical and elegant interface


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Niagara Launcher is a practical, elegant, and minimalist launcher that gives you quick access to the apps you use most. The first time you run it you can pick between one and eight apps whose icons will appear on your desktop at all times. To access your other apps you can use the alphabetic scroll on the right side of the screen.

One of the most interesting features in Niagara Launcher is that it lets you read messages straight from your home screen. Under the icon for the messaging app (like WhatsApp, LINE, or Telegram) you can see your incoming messages without having to open the app.

Niagara Launcher delivers a slick finish and takes up very little space. And unlike a lot of other launchers it doesn't offer tons of useless features that most users will never want, but limits itself to offering a simple and practical interface.
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Requires Android 5.0 or higher

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